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Welcome to Caroline Newns Consulting

Caroline Newns Executive Coach

Please read on to find out why working with Caroline is different to working with other consultants.

Firstly, Caroline Newns Consulting does not subcontract any work, so if you choose to work with Caroline Newns, you will always be working with her.

Secondly, some consultancy companies use a set framework approach, following the same steps for every client, no matter what the client’s business is or what their needs are.

Caroline does not follow any template or rigid structure and everything she does is completely bespoke; after all, every client and organisation is different, so shouldn’t your consultant’s approach be different too?

Thirdly, Caroline doesn’t specialise in any particular sector. Based on her consulting experience of over twenty years, she believes that the majority of industry sectors have common, underlying issues. She brings experience, not preconceptions, to the table.

Caroline has worked with companies as diverse as fledgling ‘.coms’ to major multi-national giants and over the years has built up an enviable reputation working with a large number of business leaders and decision makers. The vast majority of Caroline’s business comes from referrals and recommendations.

Caroline Newns Consulting is based in Lancaster and enjoys a client base over the whole of the UK, with a range of international clients too. Wherever you are based, you’ll be able to benefit from working with Caroline.

Some companies that have benefited from Caroline’s expertise.



Sarah Sillars OBE - CEO

The Institute of Advanced Motorists.

If you need someone to act as your personal sounding board, mentor, coach, fellow experienced business leader then work with Caroline. She is challenging, supportive, available 24/7 and is 100% trustworthy with highly confidential and sensitive information.

If you need to get to the roots of the problem and not just address the effects – work with Caroline. It’s not always easy – I have felt on some occasions that I have been through a washing machine cycle – washed, rinsed and dried!

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