Caroline Newns Consulting

The Values You Hold Dear

Written by: Caroline Newns

‘It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are…’

Wise words from (elder sibling) Roy Disney and certainly worth reflecting on.

The subject of ‘Values‘ is in the news : individual values; corporate values; societal values; nation and continent values.

Values are the ‘ready reckoner’ of who we are – at individual and community levels. They declare what we stand for and hold us to account.

I am currently reviewing and updating my company website and it’s been interesting to reflect on developments in recent years.

Client focus on ‘Strategy and Business Planning‘ has kept me busy and I’ve enjoyed supporting great leaders in taking their organisations forward.

My support to a commercial (and increasingly international) client profile largely drawn from IT, Engineering and Service sectors draws on the ‘directive’, ‘recommendation’, ‘facilitative’ and ‘executive coaching‘ solutions at my disposal.

My own ‘Operating Values’ haven’t changed, however, so I won’t be making any changes to the following:

‘I want you to feel important and special, regardless of the length or complexity of the consultancy support you require from me.

Be assured that I will get to grips with the nature and nuance of your organisation.

I assimilate information quickly – dealing sensitively with any politics involved – and it goes without saying that I will rigorously protect any confidential and sensitive information involved.

I want you to experience challenge and encouragement from me in equal measure.

I also want you to experience an appropriate degree of humour and levity when we work together, making our business relationship not only effective, but enjoyable too…’.

Defining values, either as a leader or in any capacity on behalf of an organisation, is a challenging task open to risk and opportunity. There are options around ‘process’; pitfalls to avoid and a clear return on investment of time and effort.

If you want to define, strengthen or simply review your own organisational values, I invite you to contact me for advice and assistance.

I offer a final, personal observation on the subject…

‘In addition to a clear and measurable improvement to your bottom line at the end of the process, I want you to receive a sense of ‘value-added’ from working with me… that my consultancy support has been memorable – for all the right reasons!’