Caroline Newns Consulting

Time to Get ‘Creative’

Written by: Caroline Newns

A new client asked me recently ‘what do you do when you’re not working?’ I talked a little about my passions to which he replied – ‘oh you’re one of those arty, creative types?’ 

Leaving the ‘arty’ bit aside, I explained that my consultancy enables me to work with ‘creatives’ on a regular basis. They reside in my current client companies: C-suite Leaders (across all functions), Engineers, Technology experts, and Production Managers to name a few. 

They may not play a musical instrument, guide a paint brush or pen a novel for a living, but they are creative. 

Engaged in issues such as strategy, profitability, risk-management, implementation, change and stakeholder engagement they sustain and grow their companies, identifying and nurturing talent day after day. 

Their responsibilities require them to think out of the box; to look at their industry (and the world in general) in different ways; to be future focused and opportunistic; to see connections in abstract and seemingly random events and conversations. 

Creativity requires a certain mindset. ‘Creatives’ embrace diversity; they challenge ‘received wisdom’ and they re-frame problems, living with temporary discord to ride through a challenge. 

Industrial and Technological advancements were built on creativity. Yet it takes a certain type of organisational culture to enable creativity to thrive. A culture which permissions the pushing of boundaries; reaches out to the impossible and allows for mistakes and u-turns without penalties. 

If you would like to explore these issues and find out how to get your company’s creative juices flowing, give me a call. With the right guidance and encouragement the results can be truly beneficial. As Maya Angelou remarked,

‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have’.