Caroline Newns Consulting

Strategic Planning

Caroline Newns is driven by the opportunity to work with people who want to ‘future-proof’ their companies. Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of Strategic Planning.

She believes that the long-term positioning of an organisation’s products or services should be part of every Executive’s thinking; that discussions on how best to nurture a business and maintain success should be commonplace in the boardroom and amongst senior decision-making teams.

Caroline works with business leaders to stretch and clarify their thinking; she challenges assumptions around product and service value proposition and she evaluates satisfaction levels amongst investors, shareholders and customers. Of crucial importance, Caroline advises on how best to prepare the employee ‘mindset’ for any changes which may accompany business transformation.

Caroline is currently equipping business leaders to work through major strategic and business planning scenarios including M&A; Business Process Re-engineering and pre-sale due diligence.

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