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Pause for Thought on Leadership Essentials

Written by: Caroline Newns

It’s been a busy few months with frequent trips to my clients in the Middle East.

One of the highlights was an opportunity to speak at the IBIS Middle East symposium.

Addressing delegates from the Motor Industry collision-repair sector with representatives from the Insurance industry in attendance, here are the highlights of the day (which showcases the amazing work IBIS does on a global stage) including my own contribution:

My full address, whilst reflecting the context of the Collision Repair sector in the Middle East highlighted issues which pertain to every leader – regardless of business environment.

These issues include:

  • Creating a business vision which the workforce can understand and sign up to;
  • Taking a collaborative approach to leading the workforce and harnessing its full and willing engagement;
  • Adopting a zero-tolerance attitude towards the control and coercion of a workforce in order to hit targets;
  • The need to self-reflect on one’s ‘personal legacy’ as a Leader. How have you made a difference? How have you identified and grown talent within your organisation?
  • Ensuring clarity of roles and responsibilities at leadership and managerial levels with appropriate levels of accountability;
  • Adopting and encouraging a ‘critical thinking’ mindset which aims to further business performance and cultivate the right organisational culture.

As in the fast-moving automotive industry, there is a need for talented and committed leaders across all types of business, regardless of industry sector.

If you or your colleagues require guidance addressing these issues, please contact me for an exploratory discussion.