Caroline Newns Consulting

Harnessing Talent

Written by: Caroline Newns

This autumn, I am going to deliver a series of Masterclasses on behalf of a client. The theme is:

‘Harnessing Talent’.

This will provide me with an opportunity to support SMEs across the UK on a subject very dear to my heart. The Masterclass will focus on activities which I believe underpin ‘Talent Management’.

Prior to establishing my own business, I worked for an international, London-based consultancy practice.  The experience taught me an important lesson – the real meaning of ‘Talent Management’.

Expertise – and the ability to apply it to the benefit of a client – is the life-blood of a successful consultancy.

As a Lead Consultant working with demanding corporate clients, I felt valued. I understood my role and my contribution to the practice; I developed strong relationships with my clients and I acknowledged and enjoyed the responsibility to professionally grow and learn.  It was a springboard for the consultancy practice I was to establish and which I have nurtured for over 20 years.

As a tutor, mentor and assessor on Master’s Degree programmes at the University of Lancaster, I work with mature students who take self-development seriously. They stretch themselves academically; design and apply innovative processes in their organisations and regularly reflect on their learning and self-development.

Talent is two-way. The organisation plays its part and individuals take responsibility to respond accordingly.

The many clients I have supported over the years which effectively harness talent, enthusiastically create a ‘talent culture’. A culture where the individual and the workplace share responsibility for learning and self-development, at all levels of the business.  A culture which exemplifies participation and collaboration.  A culture which respects individuals – as people, as well as employees.

If you would like details of my forthcoming Masterclass events or to discuss how your company can harness its talent, do get in touch.