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The Excitement of Possibility – revisted

Written by: Caroline Newns

Since I first published this blog, my client goes from strength to strength.

Its leaders (at all levels of the organisation) not only have an emerging strategy – they know WHY they have it. They are secure in their belief and they are strengthening market share with and through like-minded colleagues and customers.

Enjoy reading ‘The Excitement of Possibility’ once more and get in touch if you need help going forward.

The Excitement of Possibility

It’s always satisfying to receive great feedback from a client… to know that one has made a positive impact following weeks, months or even years of consultancy support.

Usually appreciated for my guidance or scrutiny, I was recently thanked for ‘exciting’ a client about the work that lay ahead – preparing an Executive team to embark on a strategic re-visioning of the organisation it leads and serves.

This is a client with a significant heritage, multiple stakeholders and a huge sector reach across a number of locations.

Its structure, products and services are complex… sale and acquisition will feature as part of its strategic considerations. The top team is intellectually capable and passionate about the future of the organisation.

My role is to facilitate strategic planning and to support the internal process and culture change required.

Customarily, I went to the first session armed with a kit bag of strategic models, schematics and case studies together with a head full of experience.

Strategy wears many guises dependent on factors such as the nature of the organisation; its key markets and customer base; external competition; the manner in which it is financed etc.

One size does not fit all.

Delighted to be engaged by the client on this assignment, I was enthused. Keen to apply the most appropriate methodology. Keen to start supporting those responsible for decision-making.

I firmly believe that generating excitement about a strategic journey invites innovation; challenge of the status-quo; a less inhibited reaction to risk and opportunity; greater collaboration and team-ship; higher work-rate and deadline efficiency.

The journey for this client is just beginning but the privilege of signposting an organisation into new territories is an honour for any Executive. I’ll be doing all I can to maintain its level of excitement throughout.