Caroline Newns Consulting

Christmas Reflection

Written by: Caroline Newns

In many of my client organisations, thoughts are already focused on the business impact of ‘Christmas’.

Considerations range from end-December deadlines; hitting financial targets; product availability; staffing over the festive period through to Christmas parties and ‘Secret Santa’.

Some of my international clients don’t celebrate Christmas but will take full account of the wishes of those within and outside their organisations that do. Understanding, tolerance and respect will characterise these companies and the tone set by leaders within them.

For those with a Christian faith, the current period of Advent encourages a quiet patience leading up to Christmas.

This is in marked contrast to the frenetic pace which many individuals set ‘to get everything done’ before work ‘shuts down’ and offices close.

Achieving a focus on deadlines whilst, simultaneously, adopting a more reflective and attentive perspective on life and the communities in which we dwell, can seem impossible if it were not for one word . . . priority.

Throughout the year, I often assist busy clients to ‘press pause’ and focus on key priorities.

Bringing our personal lives into the equation can test us further:

What are the handful of work priorities requiring our attention in the next two- to three-weeks?

What can genuinely wait unless 2018?

What are our priorities outside work that deserve our full attention in the next few weeks such as Nativity plays, Carol Services or spending extra time in the approach to Christmas with the sick or housebound?

Each year, my December is a cocktail of work, birthdays and anniversaries of very dearly departed who passed away during this special month. It is a busy and a reflective time for me and I try to genuinely prioritise my time to enjoy and appreciate the season of goodwill.

I hope you feel able to do likewise.

Wishing you health, happiness, good wishes and many Blessings this Christmas 2017.