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Nobody likes me, everybody hates me . . .

Written by: Caroline Newns

. . . think I’ll go and eat worms.

So says the nursery rhyme which guarantees a chuckle from any toddler.  Not so, however, with the despondent ‘remote’ executive or manager.

A number of my clients manage senior staff across a variety of locations – regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Paul Eccleston - CEO

Nuvias Group (formerly Vice President, Azlan).

Caroline’s counsel to each of my Business Unit Directors through a period of acquisition and re-integration, was invaluable.

She quickly got to grips with the complexities of a fast-paced global IT Distribution environment and provided targeted support and advice to aid the transition process.

She is both astute and pragmatic and will willingly tackle difficult situations (and people) with skill and flair.

I recommend her highly.

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