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The Essence of Style

Written by: Caroline Newns

I enjoy BBC Radio 4’s ‘Woman’s Hour’, a programme which ‘offers a female perspective on the world’. I usually listen via pod cast and I’ve gasped, laughed and cried over the years, a testament to the issues covered and the quality of broadcasting.

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Michael G White - Director of Supply Chain Management

Carlyle Group (formerly General Manager Morocco and Southern Europe, Triumph International).

Caroline got to grips with our manufacturing business from ‘Day One’. She spent time on the shop floor evaluating production outputs and quality measures; translated corporate goals into local delivery and worked with my Executive Team to drive home the leadership requirements associated with our Business Transformation.

Caroline is a ‘safe bet’ in any international business setting. She respected Arabic culture; was considerate and attentive to her translator and made a demonstrable impact on our strategic objectives.

She brings energy, commitment and insight to any international business setting.

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