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New Year Resolution

The key to keeping New Year resolutions

Written by: Caroline Newns

One might be forgiven for thinking that the practice of making New Year resolutions is a relatively modern affair.

After all, the Victorians branded the festive period so exceptionally well that we can forget that many Christmas traditions such as giving presents, singing carols and putting up decorations date back to medieval times.

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Where ideas . . . not people, win.

Written by: Caroline Newns

I have a long-standing friend who works on behalf of high-net-worth clients … in some cases, breathtakingly affluent clients … all of whom have complex financial requirements.

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Nobody likes me, everybody hates me . . .

Written by: Caroline Newns

. . . think I’ll go and eat worms.

So says the nursery rhyme which guarantees a chuckle from any toddler.  Not so, however, with the despondent ‘remote’ executive or manager.

A number of my clients manage senior staff across a variety of locations – regionally, nationally and internationally.

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Paul Taylor - Chief Operating Officer

LTE Group (formerly HR Director, Electricity North West Ltd).

I have worked with Caroline for a number of years as a coach but also helping facilitate senior team development.

She is experienced at working with leaders both individually and in team settings.

Caroline is able to adapt her style to match the situation, whether it be a newly forming team or one that has been together for years.

The results of her individual coaching have been visible and commented on positively by Executive Board members – leading to repeat and additional work from those who have seen the impact she can have on individual performance.

Caroline is experienced across many business sectors, including highly regulated commercial environments, and is able to bring her knowledge to a wide variety of scenarios.

I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline.

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