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‘Apple Tree Thinking’ (the Alchemy of Words)

Written by: Caroline Newns

Never one to shy away from the judicious use of ‘metaphor’, I am bemused by its growing usage. I enjoy hearing others dabble in the alchemy of words. My clients know I’m not a purist, so I don’t get tetchy when I hear a metaphor being stretched too far.

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An Anniversary Blog. 

Written by: Caroline Newns

Anniversaries, one way or another, are about progress – moving away from a moment in time. They may be filled with joy or the poignancy of loss. They often remember significant events which may, or may not, touch our hearts and affect our future outlook on life.

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David Coughtrie - Chairman

Commercial Education Trust.

Caroline facilitated our Strategy Day with enthusiasm, commitment and insight.

She listened to my requirements; engaged with Board members in advance and guided us through the process.

Caroline is an expert facilitator. She is a strategic thinker who adopts a professional, no nonsense approach with warmth and good humour.

Under her direction, the day was engaging and results-orientated. She ensured that every voice around the table was heard.

I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Caroline to act as a Facilitator for Board-level Strategy events.

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