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The Excitement of Possibility – revisted

Written by: Caroline Newns

Since I first published this blog, my client goes from strength to strength.

Its leaders (at all levels of the organisation) not only have an emerging strategy – they know WHY they have it. They are secure in their belief and they are strengthening market share with and through like-minded colleagues and customers.

Enjoy reading ‘The Excitement of Possibility’ once more and get in touch if you need help going forward.

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Time to Get ‘Creative’

Written by: Caroline Newns

A new client asked me recently ‘what do you do when you’re not working?’ I talked a little about my passions to which he replied – ‘oh you’re one of those arty, creative types?’ 

Leaving the ‘arty’ bit aside, I explained that my consultancy enables me to work with ‘creatives’ on a regular basis. They reside in my current client companies: C-suite Leaders (across all functions), Engineers, Technology experts, and Production Managers to name a few. 

They may not play a musical instrument, guide a paint brush or pen a novel for a living, but they are creative. 

Engaged in issues such as strategy, profitability, risk-management, implementation, change and stakeholder engagement they sustain and grow their companies, identifying and nurturing talent day after day. 

Their responsibilities require them to think out of the box; to look at their industry (and the world in general) in different ways; to be future focused and opportunistic; to see connections in abstract and seemingly random events and conversations. 

Creativity requires a certain mindset. ‘Creatives’ embrace diversity; they challenge ‘received wisdom’ and they re-frame problems, living with temporary discord to ride through a challenge. 

Industrial and Technological advancements were built on creativity. Yet it takes a certain type of organisational culture to enable creativity to thrive. A culture which permissions the pushing of boundaries; reaches out to the impossible and allows for mistakes and u-turns without penalties. 

If you would like to explore these issues and find out how to get your company’s creative juices flowing, give me a call. With the right guidance and encouragement the results can be truly beneficial. As Maya Angelou remarked,

‘You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have’.


Reflection on a Cold Winter’s Night…

Written by: Caroline Newns

Despite burgeoning spring blossoms, I’m turning the clock back to winter months to republish my January blog on ‘homelessness’ and how a personal experience resonated with the support I provide to business clients.

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Ann Watson - CEO


Caroline is the only person I have ever met with such a high level of intuition. She can gain a deep understanding of someone within a couple of minutes of meeting them. This means that the first session with Caroline gives immediate value.

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